Aware that a company’s success stems from teamwork, Castellari strives to enhance the specific role of each person, making them feel an integral part of the group. Each link in the corporate chain is important; the product and the consumer naturally take first place, followed by retailers and dealers, as well as the suppliers, so that all factors combine to our sole objective: your satisfaction.
Castellari company consists of highly qualified and dynamic personnel. “Il Coltellino”, a historic shop for the retail and sharpening of cutting tools, was opened in 1976, in Imola (Italy) by Giuseppe Castellari. In 1981 Mr. Castellari, a very young entrepreneur, created the first shears with two interchangable blades called “LI”, short for “Lame Intercambiabili”. TUCANO, the first anvil blade type lopper was created in 1985. The first of our two production sites was inaugurated a year later and still operating today.
Castellari designs and manufactures all its products internally with the help of highly trained and qualified personnel. All our products are in accordance with strict quality standards, starting from the raw materials selection up to the assembly of the finished goods.
From robotic drilling to manual sharpening, our production involves an extensive processing that allows us to manufacture thousands of pieces each day and ship them to all corners of the globe.